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Kick Off Meeting 19-20 December

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18 December 2012

Venue: Palazzina della Viola (Aula del Camino)


December 19, 2012

h. 10:30          Welcome address

h. 10:45          MINO overview

                       Andrea Lodi, Coordinator of the Project

h. 11:00          Presentation of the agenda and introduction of all participants

                       Andrea Lodi, Coordinator of the Project

h. 11:15          Planning of WP1 Methodology, discussion

                       Franz Rendl, UNI-KLU

h. 12:00          Planning of WP2Applications to Engineering, discussion

                       Andrea Lodi, UNIBO

h. 13:00          Lunch

h. 14:30          Planning of WP3Applications to Natural Sciences, discussion

                       Claudio Gentile, CNR

h. 15:15          Planning of WP4Applications to Human Sciences, discussion

                       Mike Jünger, UCO (on behalf of Gerhard Reinelt, UHEI)

h. 16:00          Planning of WP5Training,discussion

                       Dick den Hertog, UTIL

h. 16:45          Planning of WP7Dissemination and Outreach,discussion

                       Reobert Weismantel, ETHZ

h. 17:30          Any other business

   h. 18:00          Closing of day one

h. 20:30          Dinner


December 20, 2012


h. 9:30            MINO Management: Organisation & Financial Management

                       Mara Longhini, ARIC-UNIBO

h. 10:00          Recruitment, discussion

                       Mara Longhini, ARIC-UNIBO + All

h. 11:00          Coffee/Tea break

h. 11:15          Closing remarks

                       Andrea Lodi, UNIBO

h. 11:30          First Meeting of the Supervisory Board

h. 12:15          Closing of the meeting