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The Marie Curie Initial Training Network MINO is looking for applicants to 3 open research positions in the field of Mixed Integer Nonlinear Optimization. The research positions, fully funded for 18 months, involve international mobility within EU countries from the list below. The main requirement for the applicants is to be Experienced Researchers according to the strict Marie Curie EU rules, i.e., e Ph.D. degree or at least 4 years research experience, and not more than 5 years of full time research experience; note that "research experience" counts all the time after one has obtained the degree that gives access to a Ph.D. course, except periods of time demonstrably not devoted to research like military service or maternity leave. Also, a mobility rule has to be fullfilled whereby the applicant must not be hired by a partner belonging to a country where she/he has been working for in the last three years.

To be accepted, candidates have to participate in a call for applications based on examination and/or qualifications’ evaluation.


Applications deadline: 15/02/2014

Applications must be submitted online according to announcements (see the list below). Details about programmes, number of positions and scholarships, deadlines for applications, examination and enrolment procedures, etc. are specified in each announcement.


List of specific openings:

ER-IBM.pdf154.2 KB
ER-MAIOR.pdf152.47 KB
ER-ORTEC.pdf1017.86 KB


For technical assistance please refer to